GIGABYTE M7000 Mini Notebook Mouse

  • Dual Lens optical tracking system for advanced precision
  • 800/ 1600 on-the-fly DPI adjustable
  • Ergonomic design & comfort grip
  • Comfortable with both hands
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  • Overview

    GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY GM-M7000 Mini Notebook Mouse

    GIGABYTE GM-M7000 has its advantage of smaller size which is absolutely suitable for notebook users. The surface is not only ergonomic but also fashionable. People will be noticed of your sense of beauty while seeing this mini mouse.

    Besides the fashion appearance, you can easily adjust 800 or 1600 DPI mode by clicking the quick switch button. To make sure we can provide better performance, we have adopted Dual-lens optical technology to our product line. With this technology, mouse can achieve higher intensity light without disperse for advanced precision. You can work on photo paper, coating, painting papers, even on glass boards.

  • Dual-lens™ Optical Technology
    dual lens
  • Hand-Comfort Guide
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